A few tips I never forget when cutting.

Count calories!

Don’t overeat!

track progress!

Did I mention not to overeat?!

These are simple important tips… But in all seriousness they are the prime drivers behind weight loss. On to the more detailed tips though 😉


1. Compromise. If you want to eat something and the rules of flexible dieting say you can have it, don’t sabotage yourself just because it fits your macros NOW. Think in terms of the meals you want later in the day also.

For example: If you want to make chicken parmigiana but don’t want to “spend” the carbs on pasta, you can just swap it for corn or some other lower calorie food that works well.

2. Measure dietary fats with care. At 9 calories potential energy per gram and the lowest thermic effect of all macronutrients, you just can’t afford many mistakes here.

So be careful with that cheese!

3. No accidents. You control what happens with the food before it goes into your mouth. When dieting for fat loss (or just accuracy in general) it doesn’t touch my lips before I’ve logged the nutritional value and planned out how much I can “afford” and measured it accordingly.

Do this and slip-ups don’t happen.

Nobody wants their stress levels to skyrocket during a fat loss endeavor just because of fear that you’ll derail your diet and all your efforts will be in vain. Remember these tips and it will make difference, and save you from self-destruction.